Would you know the symptoms? Lucky for you we are on hand, to help you. 
The GasSafe Register found that more than a quarter of Uk households are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning as they havent taken steps to protect their home and loved ones. Shocking right?! Carbon monoxide is a 'silent killer' because you cant see it, smell it or taste it. Faulty or badly maintained appiances can put you and your family at risk.  
The main syptoms are: 
1. Headaches 
2. Nausea 
3. Breathlessness 
4. Dizziness 
5. Collapse 
6. Loss of conciousness 
What to do? 
A simple check can identify a leak early. Get all appliances serviced regularly by a GasSafe Registered Engineer. A carbon monoxide alarm will alert you by sounding if it detacts gas, so getting one put in the home will help too. 
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